Zac & Natalie: Then comes marriage

Ok, I am not really even sure where to verbally start on this particular post. This wedding was as close to my heart as my very own wedding was. It had nothing to do with location, details, the dress, shoes, makeup etc. It had to do with the people. I have know Zac and his family since I was born. Just to give you an idea of how far back our families go…our parents went to church together when they were about 16-17 years old. So, yes, these people are EXTREMELY near and dear to me.

When Zac and Natalie asked me to photograph their engagement, which you can view here, and their wedding , I was so happy! I couldn’t wait to document this part of their lives. They are such an amazing couple and are 100% irrevocably in love with one another, which is so refreshing to see. Just the way they look  at each other and the way they act towards one another, there is no doubt that they are completely in love. 

The ceremony and reception were both held in the open outdoors at Puddingstone Resort. The ceremony started at 7:30pm. So my amazing second shooter, Jenn and I had to come up with some creative lighting, as one of the umbrella lights broke due to the wind. BOOO!! So this particular wedding was something completely new to me. It was SO much fun though! I loved it.

Zac, thank you for adding Natalie to your amazing family. Natalie has such a great heart and personality. She’s just so stinkin’ sweet! I heart you girl!

Thank you again for asking me to be apart of this day. I couldn’t have thought of any two people who are more made for one another than you two are. Enjoy this new time in your life, embrace it and cherish it. Love you guys with all my heart! Muah!

Again, thank you to one of my most favorite people in the whole entire world, my second shooter, Jenn. You are so amazing! Much love my friend!:)

p.s. some of these are a little bit more enhanced than my usual style.:)

This next picture was an accident…a cool accident!

Note the tiny moon in between the logo and Natalie.:)

I couldn’t pick between these next first dance photos…so I posted all my favorites.

These next three photos are pretty funny. The DJ had the bridesmaids roll up the groomsmen’s pants and then made them dance to a song. It doesn’t sound funny as I am explaining…I guess you had be there. haha


OMG, I am crying right now…..that last picture of Cherie and Zac, a mother with her first born baby….oops, there I go again, I need a tissue……but back to the pictures, Desiree you did an AMAZING job on capturing this very special family of ours. Some of your best work, LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them!!

cherie mcminn

Thank you for documenting this special moment in my life.


what an amazing job on capturing such beautiful moments in natalie and zach’s wedding day. absolutely breath taking…


your wedding photos are my FAV!~

Desiree Shuey

Thank you so much. :)

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