Zac and Natalie: Engaged

So, this absolutely adorable couple are so fun to be with. My husband came along with me on the day of their shoot and the four of us had so much fun. Even though I got SO car sick on the way to the shooting location…we were all smiles…well, maybe I wasn’t ALL smiles, but for the most part I think I handled it pretty well. LOL  Zac and Natalie are like family to me. Zac and I have known each other since birth. Our parents have been friends for I don’t know how long…way before Zac and I were even thought of, let’s just put it that way.

Zac and Natalie, I am so excited for your wedding in September, it is going to be so beautiful. Enjoy these memories, I love you and God bless.:)

My favorite from the day!


All I can say is Wonderful!! What a great shoot, you can just tell how much they Love each other…..Great job Rae Rae~!


Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures, you did such a great job.


the pictures are beautiful. i’m so happy for you two. :)


Those are touching:)

[…] Zac and Natalie asked me to photograph their engagement, which you can view here, and their wedding , I was so happy! I couldn’t wait to document this part of their lives. […]

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