Nixon Library Wedding Photographer: Jered & Stephenie

Stephenie’s sweet personality and just her herself  are so calming and comforting. Jered’s outgoing personality and witty sense of humor are inviting…and the two of them together equal a perfect couple who love one another so much. They compliment one another so well, and it is so lovely to witness.

Their wedding was held at The Nixon Library & Museum. I had never shot there before this weekend and what a great time I had. It is gorgeous there! I asked Stephenie how it was that she finally decided on this venue, and she said “This was the first venue that came to mind and it’s the only one I wanted to even consider”. I LOVE that. I remember from the very beginning stages of planning that Stephenie had a very sure idea of what she wanted. I was in love when I saw everything come together on the day of the wedding. Simply lovely.

I just have to say that you two are so great to be around and are so welcoming. I cannot thank you enough for that. You two have a special place right in my little ol’ Desiree heart. <3 Enjoy your new journey, and thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful day. God bless.

Jered and Stephenie didn’t want to do a first look, but they did want to do this. So cute.


So sweet. <3




Suzann Stoner



One of your BEST!!! What a very classy and beautiful wedding, and you are the most Amazing photographer….Love, Love Love it!!

Ashlie Walton

So beautiful. They look so in love, and the moments were captured exquisitely. Congratulations you two!

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