Then comes marriage…David and Nicole

I was asked to second shoot a wedding last weekend with the ever fabulous, Jenn.  David and Nicole were SOOOO STINKIN’ CUTE! Holy Cannoli! They were so fun to be around, and were so sweet to each other. They are the reason I love wedding photography. It is so special to capture that special look each one gets when they see each other. Thank you again Jenn for asking me to help you with this, it was such a great experience. Enjoy your journey David and Nicole, you two are a blessing to all you meet.



Amazing…’s the only adjective that can explain these Beautiful Pictures!…..I sooooo Love your work…..

I realized I never commented on this one and thought I had! You did such a great job :) I can’t wait to see more weddings from you and have you join me :)

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