Southern California Wedding Photographer~ Randy & Kati

I am not quite sure where to begin with this amazing couple. I have known Randy for my whole entire life. Our parents pretty much grew up together. They are so much more than friends, they are our family. always have been and always will be.

Randy & Kati came to me and asked if I would shoot their wedding, I was SO blessed to be able to say yes. Here is a little bit of the story about how Randy and Kati met. Randi and Kati were both previously married to different people, and because of some very unfortunate circumstances on their other half’s part, they left their partners. Randy and Kati joined a small group and almost instantly hit it off…and the rest is history. Randy has 3 beautiful little girls, Sierra, Kendel, and Mandolin from his previous marriage. Kati also has a handsome little boy, Van, from her previous marriage.

It was VERY important to Randy & Kati that Sierra, Kendel, Mandolin and Van were a big part in the wedding. They did such a good job of making that a top priority.

The ceremony was held at Kati’s sister’s house, which I have to add, was positively gorgeous! I LOVE cute, original backyard weddings. I love love love them!

God bless you guys on this amazing journey you are on. I am so happy that Randy found an amazing, Godly woman, what a blessing. I love you guys with all of my heart. <3

Kati getting the girls ready.

Randy getting Van ready.

Part of the ceremony consisted of Randy, Kati, Sierra, Kendel, Mandolin and Van pouring different colored sand into a glass vase. It was also very important to them that they do communion as well.

Nice job Desiree! That cake-pop tower looked too good. haha I also really dig the shots of them on the log.


Desiree, I just can’t keep the tears from coming….I so Love this family and the addition of Kati and Van just completes this wonderful union. Your pictures once again capture the Beauty in the Love of a wonderful couple. Greeeeeat shoot, beautiful location pictures. Amazing job as always.

Wow! These images are just stunning! You’ve got excellent composition and your eye for detail is spot on. Nice work!


Just so Beautiful and precious shoot. Can’t say enough about this wonderful family, and the pictures capture how much they Love each other and their precious children. Great job, like always!!

Cindy Webster

Desiree, these pics are so beautiful!!! I cried when I saw them. Thank you so much for sharing their story!! Love you so much!!!

Gorgeous Desiree! Love all the white dresses and cowgirl boots! Great shots, the way you captured this new family on their very special day is beautiful.

Laurie Rivas

You tell stories with your pictures… I feel like I was there! You did a fantastic job!


As always….AWESOME shots Desiree! Love the style.

Bonnie Millar

Desiree, Thank you so much for the lovely photographs! AMAZING. Wasn’t it such an anointed day? The LORD is so good to us. Tears flow from my heart.

Oh wow! Des, that one of the of her in the shawl standing by her man is so effortlessly beautiful! great job! enjoyed flipping through these :)

Robin Nemeth

Priceless!! I too love the one taken in the roadway. A very timeless photo. Congratulations!!

Thank you so much everybody! They are an amazing couple!

Dianna Anderson

What a beautiful wedding. There is no doubt Kati is Bonnie’s daughter either. Congratulation, and may the Lord Bless your marriage as you serve Him together!!!

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