Southern California Wedding and Engagement Photographer: Oh Pinterest, how we love thee

There have only been a few instances where I heard that someone didn’t have a Pinterest account. After I gasped and picked myself up off the floor, I proceeded to blurt out “Wait, what? You have GOT to jump on the bandwagon…immediately, like, yesterday!”. And yes, yes I know Pinterest is VERY time consuming, but we’ll save that subject for another blog post.

Besides all the silly and funny stuff you see on this site, Pinterest is an amazing planning and inspiration tool for pretty much any and everything under the sun. Two of those being your wedding and your engagement session. I have spent countless hours pinning content onto my Ideas for Brides board. I suggest and send a link to every one of my brides and my hope is that my boards become something that more and more brides come to for inspiration for their big day.

It’s a daunting task in the very beginning of the wedding planning process (I know, i’ve been there) and the ideas are probably all jumbled and in no particular order. Color ideas are flying through your head, center pieces are playing huge rolls in your dreams, “should I have peonies or Juliet Roses for my bouquet…or both”? Decisions decisions. Once you choose your colors and or theme, everything else will start falling into place. Now, Pinterest can be a huge help for the color and or theme decision of your wedding, if you are unsure about that as well. In a nut shell, Pinterest is chalk FULL of GORGEOUS ideas and heavenly inspiration.

If you are in the planning process for your wedding day and are not familiar with this brilliant site, please take a few minutes and check out the images in this blog post. These are just a few of the hundreds of things I have pinned for brides. Also, if you don’t have an account, it is super easy and free to set one up! If you do have an account, please head on over to my Ideas For Brides board and check it out, follow me and suggest it to your friends and family.


Here are a few images from my Engagement Session Attire board. Head on over and check out the rest of the board as well as my Engagement Session Attire: For Men board.

Southern California Wedding and Engagement Photographer

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