Southern California Engagement Photographer: Rosa & Robert

When I met with Rosa and Robert for the first time, she was wracking her brain trying to figure out what to do for their engagement session. We talked about several different ideas, but nothing “clicked”. Then a few months ago Rosa wrote me and was SO excited about this super cute idea she had for their engagement session. See, her and Robert love college football…her team is Notre Dame, his, USC. So what better way to incorporate that than to go to an actual football stadium? I was especially excited about this session because I’ve never done anything like this, and I was SO excited to do something new/different. I love how they turned out. Rosa and Robert just threw the ball around and were just, well, cute! Not like it’s hard for them or anything. Pshh! They are ADORABLE!


Here are a few of my favorites. <3




Hands down this is one of my favorite engagements shoots you have ever done!! I LOVE everything about it, and what a little cutie she is…..Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

This is one of my favorites from you ever too! It’s so freaking different from anything I’ve seen! Love everything about this Desiree!

Love this so much! Desiree! Can I feature this on LM? :)))

Desiree Shuey


I would LOVE that!! Yay!!

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