Southern California Engagement Photographer~ Dustin & Jessica

I love it when my clients are so easy going, and love life. It’s a totally refreshing thing to experience. This was the case with my amazing clients, Dustin and Jessica. We had so much fun during their engagement shoot. Miss Jessica was a little camera shy in the beginning, but by the end of the shoot… she was a seasoned pro! Dustin was so sweet. He did anything and said everything to make Jessica feel more comfortable, and it worked.:)

We first stopped off in the back hills of The Webb School in Claremont, which is where Dustin proposed to Jessica. It was SO beautiful up there…quite a bit of a hike to get there…but TOTALLY worth it. I can just imagine what it must look like at night. Swoon!

Lastly we ended at Claremont Colleges to finish up the end of the shoot, the formal end of the shoot.:)

Thank you Dustin and Jessica for being who you are, I love that about you guys. Can’t wait for June!

Ok, so, when I saw this wall, I nearly fainted…true story.

Probably one of my favorite pictures…ever.


Desiree!!! once again you did your magical talent!!! except its not fake magic but the GREAT stuff!! I love how you were able to get my sister out of the box of shyness.. the pics are amazing!! I cannot wait to see whats up ur sleeve for her wedding!!
Jess and Dust, you guys are suuuper cute! I love how Dust is just enjoying holding you.. LOL.. LOOOVE IT!!!


What a GREAT shoot!! Love the location and the couple are just so darn cute together. Girl you are one Amazing photographer!!

ANOTHER great post, my girl! And, can you please cut down that wall and bring it to the desert? pretty please? why, oh why, don’t we have stuff like that here!?

Desiree!!! I’m in LOVE with the shots you took in front of the colored wall… Ahhhh. I fainted when I saw them too.. :)))

Thanks guys! Yes, that wall was probably the best wall I have EVER seen in my entire life! I literally thought I was going to faint. It’s the little things that put a smile on my face. :)

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