Santa Paula Wedding Photographer: Kevin and Jenny

The first time I ever met Jenny and Kevin, I was literally giddy during and after our meeting. We just clicked extremely well. I was absolutely thrilled when I got the email saying that they wanted to hire me to document this special time in their life. Yay! I actually think I remember jumping up and down, screaming like a little 7 year old girl. I can’t be too sure though.


As I walked into the Limoneira Ranch club house, I was instantly at ease. Everybody was so chill, and laid back. I loved it. When I saw Jenny’s dress, I instantly fell in LOVE! My love of lace is a little out of control. Her dress was just the beginning of what was one of the most beautiful and classy weddings I have ever seen. Jenny’s vision came to life so beautifully, and I was just in awe.


Thank you Kevin and Jenny for choosing me to document this absolutely beautiful day for you. You two are just amazing. God bless. <3


Thank you to Miss Alisha Cryderman for accompanying me. You are too amazing! <3


Oh and one more thing…this is a LONG post.:)

Jenny has a slight obsession with Coca-Cola. It got her through nursing school and now she can’t stop. Haha.

This broach has been passed down for several generations. The tradition is to pin it somewhere underneath the dress.

Ummm, really Jenny?? Gah! Just gorgeous.


I love first looks.

These were the name and table seating goodies.


Just beautiful.

Psssh! I wish I went to a cool wedding like this when I was a kid! She had a table completely dedicated to kids crafts.

Jenny and Kevin had a little surprise for everyone at the end of the night in the form of cookies and ice cream. Let me tell you…you could smell that truck coming down the drive way. No lie. I would not kid about something like this.


All I can say is I am sad……sad because I didn’t want the pictures to end. OMG, what a Fantastic Wedding….I loved every moment you caught in this special day….You are so amazing and your talent is just beyond words. Love, Love, Love this shoot!!


Great pictures Desiree! I have to comment; Thats the best B&W of a food truck I’ve seen!

It was such a beautiful wedding! Well done Desiree!

ummm.. can you say “gorgeous?” TOTALLY love these!! You worked it girlfriend! And yes, that ice cream truck was divine! I was about to lay out some little kids on my way to the front, haha! I kid. 😉 You are so very talented and such a kind person, you completely captured the love here and did an amazing job!! xoxo

Sandie Reese

Simply Beautiful! It’s a compliment to the photographer that the wedding of two people I don’t even know captured my heart and brought tears to my eyes! When my kids get married, your hired! Hope your willing to travel!
Congratulations to Kevin and Jenny! Wishing you both many years of happiness together.



AHHH DESIREE! This wedding is SO gorgeous! I love the idea of the kids table, the bridesmaids dresses were such a pretty color, and all of the details are stunning…not to mention how you captured the bride and groom and their love! Fabulous job lady!

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