San Diego Wedding Photographer: Vicente and Yisel

Awesome couple + awesome venue = UNBELIEVABLE. Really. Vicente and Yisel have been a pleasure to work with from day one. I shot their engagement session at the beginning of this year, which you can view here

My jaw dropped when I walked into the Twin Oaks bridal room. I think I’m still in shock! Everything…literally everything was beyond perfect. Vicente and Yisel couldn’t have chosen a better place for their wedding. It was just perfect, ALL of it. The venue and the theme for their wedding flowed beautifully, you could tell it was meant to be.

Yisel had spent so many hours planning hers and Vicente’s day, and my mind was in awe of everything there. Such an amazing job! I was so giddy to be shooting this gorgeous wedding, and I can’t even remember how many times I told Yisel that. Haha!

Blessings on your new journey. You two are so amazing.


** There was SO much detail photographed, that I really didn’t want to leave anything out of the blog post, so, it’s a looong post**






These were the wooden boxes Yisel gave all her girls. It also had the earrings and bracelet Yisel bought for them to wear the day of the wedding.

San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-2San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-3San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-59Vicente’s reaction to seeing Yisel was so genuine and beautiful.




Vicente and Yisel love the movie UP! So incorporating it into their sweet day was a MUST.

I never post every image shot of the reception tables, but Yisel and Vicente had a different name for every single table spelt out with wooden Scrabble tiles. So, naturally, I had to post them all. <3San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-134San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-153San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-139San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-182San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-185San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-190San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-174San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-193San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-191San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-196San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-200San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-181San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-202San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-149San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-141San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-208San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-227San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-210



I absolutely LOVE these images I got of Vicente at the end of the night. My favorite groom portraits…EVER.



Yisel had a special surprise ready for Vicente. She sang a song for him and played the ukulele. It was SO stinking adorable!!San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-3-2

Love this.


Venue: Twin Oaks in San Marcos, CA

Events and party planning- Savvy Celebrations

Florals: Jerri Disney

Invitations, menues, table names/quotes: Cindy Matistic

Shoes: Mischka Badgley

DJ:Deondre of MYdjs

Videographer: GeorgeStreet Video

Photo booth: Brad and Melissa Malm of Flashbooth Photography

Photographer: Desiree Shuey

Are you kidding me right now? These are PHENOM!! Love every single one, you are seriously so amazing girlfriend, and such beautiful details!! xoxoxo

Seriously amazing! These pictures are beautiful. They show just how beautiful the day was! love, love, love

Adriana Perez

Wow!! I am in tears!! These pictures are so amazing! Really captured the beautiful of the whole day. Love it.

Lily Arzate

I can’t even handle it! These are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I’m reliving the day and it’s beautiful!

Yisel Perez

Thank you, thank you thank you!!! These are GORGEOUS! I am in tears, ‘happy tears’, once again ! Simply stunning!!! ❤❤❤


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


OMG, OMG, OMG…….First of all the Amazing detail that this Bride brought to her Special Day was so Beautifully done and with your Amazing eye for detail and capturing that detail sure made for one of your Best Wedding shoots ever!! Hands down!!

Pamela Pastores

Desiree- You captured every perfect & gorgeous detail amazingly. What an absolutely lovely location for a perfect wedding. Your work continues to capture true love at it finest hour. Yisel makes a stunning bride along these breathtaking backdrops. Thank you <3

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