Riverside Wedding Photographer: Dan & Tina

Well, yet another amazing and sweet bride and groom I had the pleasure to work with. Tina and I have been conversing for quite a while, since the end of 2010 actually. I have been so exited and have been looking forward to their wedding day for so long now.

It was a very…VERY rainy day, which I hear is good luck. Tina and I were brainstorming a few days prior to the big day on what to do for pictures to try and stay dry. Quite frankly, that was going to be impossible, so we just embraced it. Dan, Tina, Daniel Cruz and myself just walked around down town Riverside snapping away while trying ever so desperately to stay warm and dry. Towards the end it was becoming increasingly freeeeezing. But Dan and Tina were such troopers and kept on going. I do have to say, Tina is my bride hero! That girl was up for anything. At one point she even walked through a huge water puddle without picking up her dress. I guess she figured her dress had already been through the ringer…what difference would a little more water make? Love you Tina!

Thank you Dan and Tina for the opportunity to get to know you two so well. I cannot express how much I adore the both of you. You have added another notch to my “amazing bride and groom” belt. God bless you guys. Xoxo!

And to Mr. Daniel Cruz, thank you thank you thank you a million, bazillion, gozillion times over! You are such a great help and I appreciate that so much!


Ummm…I almost passed out when I saw this dress. True story.

Dan and Tina are beer experts. Their friends actually brew their own beer. So, since it’s something that is such a part of them, they got a ton of different kinds of beer bottles and filled them with baby’s breath for the center pieces, cake table and guest book table. I thought it was such a unique idea. Loved it!



Omg!! The black and white where they’re standing on the sidewalk with the rain drops falling!!! Ahhhh!!! Gorgeous!!! <3

GORGEOUS!!!! My goodness you made that day look like a warm monsoon type of day rather then a super cold yucky day… BEAUTIFUL!


Babe, you totally blow me away with your Wonderful talent……This is one of your best works…..Love, Love, Love it~~~~~


Great job Desiree & Daniel! I love it

Pamela Pastores

Absolutely breathtaking shots. You perfectly showcased a romantic drizzling afternoon rather than the endless buckets of down-pour it truly was. Tina is a goddess: you captured her spirit so well. Congrats and many blessings of love to Tina & Dan!

Beautiful job as always Desiree! I had a blast working with you!

Desiree, great job. Really nice work in the rain . Most photos can’t pull off a nice post in bad weather. Well done!

Desiree Shuey

Thank you so much. :) It was so fun shooting in the rain.

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