Pismo Beach Wedding Photographer: Jose & Ali

I want to say thank you to Jose and Ali for being such sweet and laid back people. I love you for that.

Jose and Ali’s wedding was held at The Sea Venture Hotel in Pismo Beach, and a gorgeous place it was. The lovely couple were married on the beach, and their reception was held on the top floor of the hotel, which is the restaurant. Just beautiful.

I can’t thank you two love birds enough for making me feel so welcome and comfortable. You guys are just gems. <3



Jose’s sister made the center pieces. So unique.


I thought this next image was SO cute of Jose and his sisters. <3

These are always fun.

Don’t you love it when you’re shooting a wedding on the beach in Pismo and you see a guy walking his pig? I know I do. Meet, Piggy Smalls.


Whoopsie…accident, but like I always say, sometimes accidents are cool.

Love twirling pictures…always have…always will.

I loved that Ali’s grandma walked onto the dance floor in the middle of their first dance to fix her dress. Made me smile. Grandma’s are such sweet gifts. <3

Piggy Small! LOL!!! Beautiful images as always Desiree. :)


Beautiful, Beautiful location and Beautiful couple….Love all of this shoot and just didn’t want the pictures to end…..Great job as always Rae…..

WOW Desiree! Amazing job, these were all beautiful, and that dress shot? Coolest dress shot ever. :)

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