Pasadena engagement photographer: Tina & Dan

I have been waiting to post Tina and Dan’s engagement session for a month now. Ahhh!! It has been torture not being able to post this. The reason being is, I wanted to wait until the launch of my new brand. Yay! New year, new brand, new engagement session.

Tina and Dan are SO much fun to be around and I adore them to bits! We had so much fun on their shoot. I cannot WAIT until their wedding in March. Yay! You guys are amazing and I heart you both.

Loved this guy.


Haha! Dan working it.

A for real picture. Haha.


So adorable!! AND OMG, I just shot someone at that exact same orange wall!! Cept I used the bench lol. Great minds think alike! 😉


Love the new logo…..So missed your work, you are just so amazing. Love this shoot, and what a cute couple, looked like you were having a GREAT time….


Great pictures!!! They came out awesome..

Great job on these Desiree! And beautiful branding as always. :)

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