Pasadena Ballet Photographer

As my love for ballet and dance in general continues to grow, so does my passion for shooting it and the beautiful dancers who execute this art so effortlessly.

Thank you to Jaqilyn for being so amazing, and thanks be to God for her insane talent and beauty. Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-3Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-4Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-2Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-5Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-7Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-12Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-9Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-13Southern-California-Dance-PicturesSouthern-California-Dance-Pictures-20Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-23Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-26

Thank you random skate board guy for being so awesome and willing to help us out. You rock!Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-22Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-29Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-28Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-27Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-2-2Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-32Southern-California-Dance-Pictures-4-2Pasadena Ballet Photographer


OMG, OMG, OMG…..I want MOOOOORREEEEE!!!!!!!! I could view this post ALL day and still not get enough! Jaqilyn, girl you are beyond GORGEOUS and your talent is a God given Blessing that will take you so far! Desiree, I so Love viewing your visions and how they just make me sooooo happy!! AMAZING SHOOT!!!!

I freaking LOVE these!! Hit these out of the park boo!! And that skareboard shot needs to be in a magazine, SUBMIT IT SOMEWHEREE!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOW!! Or face the wrath of snaggle toe!

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