Orange County Engagement Photographer: Stephenie and Jered

Stephenie and Jered are the definition of sweet and lovely. We had the best time just walking around, snapping shots as we talked and laughed about anything and everything. It was such a lovely day and I am SO excited to be shooting their wedding in October. I am looking so forward to it, it’s going to be one gorgeous day. <3

Stephenie and Jered chose The Orange Circle for the first part of their engagement session. I had never been there before and instantly fell in LOVE! There were, what seemed like a bazillion antique shops within a half an inch from each other. Every time I walked by one, I imagined my house becoming more and more and more full of things I HAD to have. Ahhh, it was nice to dream.:)

Here are some shots from their session.


Good man.


Sweet couple and Great location….Love this shoot, once again you did it girl!!!!

JC Guzman

Great post! Love the 6th from top. the dark deep background makes the photo!


Desiree… I love!! There are no other words for how happy I am about how they all turned out. Thank you for the great day!! :o)

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