New York Photographer: New York!

If you know me or have ever read my Bio on my blog, you would know that I have been obsessed with New York for quite some time. Oh, and did I mention I had never been there AND I was still infatuated with it? So, now I can say that I’ve actually been there and I can see why I’ve had such a huge love for it; it’s AMAZING!!!! I may over use the word “amazing”, but I don’t care, that is quite possibly the only word worthy enough to describe New York. That, and extraordinary, blissful, fabulous, intriguing, exciting…the list goes on.

Thank you to my beautiful friends Alisha and Alisha (yes, both of their names are Alisha)! The three of us had so much fun! I just can’t believe that I actually got to experience New York….FINALLY!! I am already dreaming of my next trip. Well, to be honest, I was dreaming of my next trip on the plane ride over there. 😉

New York, I miss you terribly and I hope to experience you again soon. Thank you for being everything I imagined. <3



(A quick heads up, this is a lengthy post)


Our lovely, very modern hotel.

New-York-Pictures-206View from our hotel window.




The 9/11 Memorial was…beautiful. New-York-Pictures-7New-York-Pictures-10New-York-Pictures-13New-York-Pictures-4New-York-Pictures-29New-York-Pictures-31New-York-Pictures-34New-York-Pictures-33New-York-Pictures-42New-York-Pictures-44New-York-Pictures-47New-York-Pictures-41New-York-Pictures-45New-York-Pictures-46New-York-Pictures-48New-York-Pictures-51New-York-Pictures-54New-York-Pictures-66New-York-Pictures-65New-York-Pictures-67New-York-Pictures-63New-York-Pictures-103New-York-Pictures-114New-York-Pictures-116New-York-Pictures-128New-York-Pictures-127New-York-Pictures-40New-York-Pictures-60New-York-Pictures-61New-York-Pictures-55New-York-Pictures-101New-York-Pictures-98New-York-Pictures-122New-York-Pictures-124New-York-Pictures-126New-York-Pictures-24New-York-Pictures-27New-York-Pictures-102New-York-Pictures-185New-York-Pictures-130New-York-Pictures-21This beauty.


New-York-Pictures-132New-York-Pictures-142New-York-Pictures-151New-York-Pictures-223We went to The Metropolitan Museum on Saturday and honestly, I could have stayed there all day. So many fascinating pieces and history. New-York-Pictures-184New-York-Pictures-157New-York-Pictures-156My favorite piece.



As you can tell from this picture, I wasn’t the only one startled by the furious cab driver who honked aggressively because I was standing right in the middle of a side street he was attempting to fly down. Oops. Sorry, bro. New-York-Pictures-194New-York-Pictures-197New-York-Pictures-200New-York-Pictures-205New-York-Pictures-209

On Sunday we attended the Hillsong NYC 12:30 church service at the Manhattan Center. Carl Lentz spoke and it was honestly one of the most refreshing church services I’ve been to in my life. He spoke with so much passion and grace; it was beautifully overwhelming. Definitely a wonderful experience.

Macy’s and the Empire State Building. New-York-Pictures-213

Window light, and this beauty.  New-York-Pictures-212New-York-Pictures-214New-York-Pictures-215New-York-Pictures-216New-York-Pictures-218New-York-Pictures-219New-York-Pictures-221


AMAZING!!I can’t say it enough how much I enjoy experiencing the world through your eyes…..God has Blessed you with and an eye for extraordinary Beauty and detail. I’m looking forward to part two.

Ahhhh…. New York city. So glad you had fun! Hope some of my tips were helpful. Also- love that oh so very NYC hotel view!

LOVE them darling!! You got some amazing shots, so happy to have experienced this with you!! Too bad we didnt get a shot of that phenomenal artichoke, haha. xoxoxo

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