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Not only did I get to go to New York which has been a huge dream of mine for like, ever, but I got to experience another huge dream and love of mine while there. Almost the exact minute I found out I was going to New York I knew I wanted to visit The Juilliard School of Dance. The idea was to just stand outside of the building and drool into a cup while looking and swooning over it; but that wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted to do something more…I wanted to photograph the talent within those walls. So, I decided I would contact the school and ask if I could photograph an in session class, but I was told that it was against school policy. I was bummed, but decided to jump back in and ask if they knew of any dancers who would be willing to let me photograph them; the gal was super awesome and forwarded my information to several ballet students who contacted me very shortly after receiving that email.

After all the work I had put in to get everything together, I almost couldn’t contain myself waiting for the shoot. I cannot even begin to describe what a joy and honor it was to know that I had found 2 very talented and beautiful dancers and that I would be photographing them! Going to New York AND setting up and photographing something that my heart absolutely and completely adores was just, unreal.

Here are some shots from the day. I am still reeling over how gorgeous and beautifully talented these ladies are. Thank you SO much, Caitlin and Hope, you girls helped fulfill a major dream of mine. Thank you for all of your help! Xoxo

New-York-Ballet-Pictures-3New-York-Ballet-Photographer_New-York-Ballet-Pictures-2New-York-Ballet-Pictures-4New-York-Ballet-Photographer_-2New-York-Ballet-Pictures-12New-York-Ballet-Photographer_ 2New-York-Ballet-Photographer_-4New-York-Ballet-Pictures-5New-York-Ballet-Pictures-14New-York-Ballet-Photographer_-6New-York-Ballet-Photographer_-5New-York-Ballet-Pictures-2 copyNew-York-Ballet-Pictures-11New-York-Ballet-Pictures-10New-York-Ballet-Pictures-21New-York-Ballet-Pictures-7New-York-Ballet-Pictures-8New-York-Ballet-Pictures-18New-York-Ballet-Photographer_-8New-York-Ballet-Photographer_-10New-York-Ballet-Pictures-60
New-York-Ballet-Pictures-27New-York-Ballet-Pictures-28New-York-Ballet-Pictures-31New-York-Ballet-Pictures-32New-York-Ballet-Photographer_-12New-York-Ballet-Photographer_-11New-York-Ballet-Photographer_-14New-York-Ballet-Photographer_-2 copyNew-York-Ballet-Pictures-35New-York-Ballet-Pictures-34New-York-Ballet-Pictures-39New-York-Ballet-Pictures-37







Thank you so much Caitlin and Hope, I am so honored to have been able to photograph such talented and stunning ladies.



First, I am your biggest fan and yet out of all the work of yours that I have Loved and Enjoyed this is the first time I have been brought to tears. You my Precious daughter blow me away with your ability to ALWAYS bring out the most deepest and raw emotions from me. I LOVE YOUR WORK AND WITHOUT A DOUBT I FELT YOUR OBSESSION FOR DANCE THROUGH THESE IMAGES.


You continue to blow me away with your amazing ability to capture beautiful moments the way that you do! Absolutely stunning!


Absolutely stunning!!

These are GORGEOUS Desiree!! Love every single one and your drive and passion for dance overflow from each image. Seriously SO beautiful. You are one talented woman, SO blessed to call you my friend!! xoxo


I’m just drooling over these! Absolutely incredible!!! I saw them floating Pinterest and realized that it was your work and hurried to the blog. BEAUTIFUL! What an experience to cherish forever! <3

kevin holiday


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