Nevada Wedding Photographer- Callville Bay Marina- Marcus and Anna

I am truly blessed to be able to do what I do for a living. Mainly because I get to work with people like Marcus and Anna. I can’t say enough about how much I love this couple and how much I love being around them.

Marcus and Anna were married in Nevada at Callville Bay Marina. It was the first wedding that had ever been held there, which was surprising because it was such a cool place.

After the reception, Marcus and Anna changed into their swim suits and we all headed out to take some pictures of them on their jet skis. Did I say how much I LOVE this couple?? Cause I seriously do!

Marcus and Anna, thank you for being so incredible to work with, and thank you for being the amazing and sweet people you are. God bless your new journey.


Thank you so much to Mr. Daniel Cruz for coming to help me out. You were ah-mazing, sir!

Praying over Anna before the ceremony.

Really Anna?? You are absolutely stunning…

Isn’t this the cutest??

After the reception, we took a few more photos…then out onto the lake we went…


HOLY MOSES!!!! DESIREE SHUEY this freaking ROCKS!!! The couple is amazing… and um that light… um WHOA!!! Can you say PERFECTION! WOW WOW WOW!


Bravo! Amazing couple too! Love love/love

Taylor Beardsley

Amazing job Desiree! (You did an awesome job of making it look like it wasn’t 115 degrees outside) Wonderful job and I hope I can work with you again!

Excellent job Desiree as always! Thanks for having me along. Can’t wait til’ next time!


Thank you so much desiree for being our photographer! We were so blessed to have such talented people like you and Daniel to be a part of our day! :)

wow- she IS stunning! and i didn’t know George did their ceremony! So fun to see a familiar face! These are beautiful, Des!

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