Malibu Engagement Photographer: Maya and Jorge

As I watched how Maya and Jorge interacted with one another, it made me so happy. I could totally  see how genuinely in love they are with one another. <3

I was pretty excited when Maya and Jorge told me they wanted to shoot in Malibu, I have shot at this location before and I LOVE it. I will say, the journey down the path to the actual beach was rather crazy. Haha! Let’s just say I got a pretty serious workout going up and down that path twice. Once for the first part of the session and then again after their wardrobe change:) 100% worth it!

I cannot wait until August! It’s coming up quickly!


Caught this as the three of us were almost taken over by the ocean.

So much emotion.


OH MY GOSH IT DOES LOOK EXACTLY LIKE WHERE I SHOT!!! hahaha wow!!! These are beautiful!!!

Beautiful, just beautiful!!! Great job on this Desiree. You always have the most beautiful clients!


Oh my goodness desiree!!! Absolutely amazing!!!! Gorgeous!!! Wooow!!


Love, Love, Love everything about this shoot! Amazing location and totally Amazing couple.

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