Lovely ~A styled shoot~

Well, this gorgeous couple was so fun to hang out with! Kristen and Andrew are pretty much adorable together! I mean, look at them…they’re GORGEOUS! Kristen’s outfits and accessories were enough to make anybody drool! Well, maybe just me. Everything about the shoot was lovely.

Miss Kristen Booth is a photographer as well. Head on over and check out her newly designed blog and website. Ah-Mazing! When Kristen first asked me to do this shoot…I thought she was playing a trick on me…or I thought someone hacked into her computer and was sending out random emails to people. LOL. Well, turns out…it wasn’t a joke, it really was Kristen asking me! Haha! I was so honored to do this shoot for her and Andrew. It’s always a little nerve racking when another photographer asks you to take their pictures. Eekk! But we had so much fun, and Kristen and Andrew are so absolutely sweet.

A special thanks to Celeste for the amazing job she did on Kristen’s hair and makeup. She looked positively beautiful.

I love them!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re the best!!!! <3


One word…..STUNNING!

OK!! Love Love Love these!! Cant wait till these fools actually get married and have the cutest babies on EARTH!! GREAT JOB DES!!

Wow, so THIS is what happens why you combine two incredible photographers! Seriously, the pictures are amazing! :)

Thank you ladies. :) I had a BLAST on this shoot! Loved it!


These are lovely! Where did you shoot them? They are such beautiful and colorful locations


Those are so lovely! Where did you shoot them?

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