Little Blessings

There is something so beautiful about a pregnant mommy. They just radiate love and happiness. I have personally never been able to see “the glow” that a pregnant woman has…until yesterday. Nessa is a good friend of my brother’s, and when I found out she was pregnant WITH TWIN GIRLS!! I was so excited for her! I have never seen a pregnant mommy beam with such radiance and beauty.  I can safely say, she is one of the most beautifully stunning pregnant mommys I have ever seen…hands down!

I can’t thank you enough for letting me do this for you. You and Johnny are going to be such amazing parents. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy…those precious angels will be here before you know it, and a new chapter of your life will begin. Enjoy your pictures and God bless. p.s…this goes down in the books as one of  my favorite shoots!:)


Could you be anymore beautiful? I think not!


Nessa, you are just so beautiful (but I have always thought that). These pictures are just so precious and beautiful. Desiree you did good baby girl!! Love ALL of them!

Kara Esades

OMG!!! What a beautiful backdrop!!!! I need to talk to you – I need you to photograph me!!!!!! Yay!

Jessica Fonville

Des your pictures are amazing! I’m gonna have to get with you sometime.

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