Lake Arrowhead Wedding Photographer: Elegant & Organic Wedding Inspiration Styled Shoot

It was May of this year and I was cleaning out my closet and found a wedding dress. Say what?! Yes, I found a wedding dress I had bought for my honeymoon cruise 7 years ago. I purchased it to wear to one of the elegant dinner nights because it was a very simple and classy dress. Thank goodness I didn’t get rid of it after the cruise! When I saw it peeking at me from the far back corner, I knew I had to do something with it. After not seeing it for 7 years, I took one look at it and still LOVED the heck out of it. I then got to thinking about what type of shoot I would do. I spent hours and days brian storming and came up with nada! Then June rolled around at Hobby Lobby and, if you know Hobby Lobby, they started putting their fall stuff out mid year. Now, I am kind of (A LOT!!!) obsessed with fall. I mean, I am head over heels in LOVE with the season. The colors, the feel, the air…just, everything. Then it hit me! I knew instantly what I wanted to do…a fall styled shoot. But not with tons of the traditional, beautiful fall colors. I wanted a more natural, organic feel with pumpkins, candles, glass domes…I was busting at the seams with ideas. And the florals? Gosh! Collette  Budd of Brier Rose Design nailed it beautifully! I told her my vision and she ran with it. Same goes with Vanessa Irizarry of MUAH (hair and makeup). I tell these ladies my vision and they blow me away every time.

I had been planning this shoot since June and continuing to brain storm, throwing ideas out, creating new ones and back and forth. I began buying pumpkins here and there starting in June and didn’t stop until 2 weeks before the shoot. I spent countless hours spray painting these pumpkins to perfection as well as other treasures I had picked up. Like I said, I had a very specific vision and I didn’t want to waver from it one bit. I spent hours searching thrift and antique stores for anything that would lend to the image I had in my mind. I got about 90% of my props on sale or they were thrifted or I bought them at discount stores such as Ross or Marshall’s. Or, yes, gasp…the .99 cent store.:)I love that store, actually. Ha!

After all of the work I had put into this session I wanted to submit it to 1 blog…and that was Green Wedding Shoes. I cannot even describe my excitement when they accepted my submission…for real. You can see the feature HERE. Thank you again to Green Wedding Shoes for being so awesome!



I did 2 table scapes to show brides they can have variety on their big day and that not everything has to always be uniform. Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-60Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-59Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-65Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-67Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-70

Thank you to Collette for creating this terrarium. I LOVED it!Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-71Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-74Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-75Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-78

This cake by Jessica Fonville of Sugarmomma was just beautiful…and delicious. 😉Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-86Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-91Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-87Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-97Lake-Arrowhead-Wedding-Photographer-92


A BIG thank you to my husband, Collette Budd of Brier Rose Design and Cody (my beautiful model) for helping me carry everything to our shooting site, and for helping me set everything up. It took all day and everybody was in such great spirits the entire time.  <3

Thank you to Collette of Brier Rose Design for the stunning flower art. Seriously, you blow me away every.single.time.

Thank you to Vanessa Irizarry of MUAH by Vanessa Irizarry for always making my vision real. You are so fantastic!

Thank you to Jessica Fonville of Sugarmomma for the out of this world cake. Holy cow! It was absolutely beautiful and it tasted beautiful too. You are one talented gal.

And last but not least, thank you to my absolutely breathtaking and beautiful model, Cody. You were the first person I thought of when I saw this dress again for the first time after 7 years of it being in closet darkness. Thank you for being so willing to help and such an amazing person. <3

Lake Arrowhead Wedding Photographer: Elegant & Organic Wedding Inspiration Styled Shoot 

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