Lake Arrowhead Wedding Photographer: Neil and Katie

I was excited when Christa Mortimore asked me to shoot this wedding with her at the Lake Arrowhead Resort . I LOVE Lake Arrowhead! My husband, our babies and I go up there frequently, and we very much enjoy it. So, whenever I get to shoot up there, I get the best of both worlds…I am doing what I love in a place I love.


Blessings, Neil and Katie, on your beautiful new journey. And thank you again to Christa for asking me to come along. I am so happy to have been able to capture all these images. <3

I loved Katie’s Jimmy Choo shoes. <3

 Lake Arrowhead Wedding Photographer


Beautiful as usual babe……I so Love your work, Beautiful wedding, Beautiful location….

You are AMAZING!! Loved them all, especially on the dock, wowsers!

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