Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding: Trevor & Jena

When I arrived on Saturday morning to Jena’s bridal suite at The Lake Arrowhead Resort, the mood was so calm and laid back. Which I was loving! Jena and her bridesmaids made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Thank you for that.:)

Their wedding was amazing, to say the least. Jena is Chinese, so it was very important to her and Trevor to incorporate a few Chinese traditions into the day. A tea ceremony was held in the beginning of the reception, followed by a traditional Chinese dragon dance. So, ok, I have never seen a dragon dance, so you can imagine my astonishment as I was watching…mouth wide open, in complete and utter awe. I caught myself a couple times just standing there…camera in hand…NOT taking pictures. Once I snapped out of my trans, I realized…Hey, I think I am suppose to be taking pictures here! I loved it!

After the reception, Trevor and Jena and I had a little over an hour to take some pictures. Again, I was in absolute heaven! Thank you guys for letting me document this beautiful day, I feel so honored. Enjoy these memories and God bless.:)

O…M…GOSH… FANTASTIC!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! Great job girl!!!

tammy walker



What a Beautiful wedding, Desiree you did a Fantastic job! I just wish we could see all of the pictures that they get, this is kind of like a tease…..but it is just so GREAT!


GREAT JOB!!! Desiree you did one Fantastic job, I just wish we could see more pictures…..but what you have here is just so Beautiful….


Thank you Desiree for capturing the beauty and love that my baby brother shares with my new sister!! You did an amazing job! Jena…you’re gorgeous! Trev…you are soooo handsome and I love you..


You did a wonderful job Desiree! I hope to see more. Jena – you are absolutely stunning and Trevor you look handsome as always.


Desiree, you just keep getting better and better…

You are so awesome :) I loved these! I think every time I look, they get better!!!

Desiree Shuey

Thank you so much guys! :)


Well now that I am done crying and can start telling you Des how wonderful these pistures are. You were able to capture the love these 2 have for one another…and I for them…Ok now the tears are coming back…Thank you so much!

Hoa Tran

Hey Jena and Trevvie…Congratualations, what stunning photos! Lots of love Hoa

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