Laguna Beach Engagement Photographer: Yisel and Vicente

Yisel and Vicente are “those” clients. They are the clients who are a blast to hang out with. They are the clients who are super easy to laugh and to get along with. They are those clients who are undeniably in love with one another. From the way they made cute little sounds while cuddling, from the way they interacted with each other. You.could.just.tell. They were those clients. It’s people like Yisel and Vicente that make me rediscover my insane passion for capturing love.


I cannot wait until October. Thank you for being 2 more blessings in my life.:)

Thank you to my lovely intern for this cute idea. <3

This guy hung out for about 30 minutes in this same spot waiting to photograph the last minutes of sunset. I would love to see what he captured.

These are seriously gorgeous…breathtaking shots.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! We had so much fun and these are beautiful!! We can’t wait until October either! So many blessings to celebrate!

Pamela P

I can feel the LOVE radiating from each shot. So classic, so beautiful. A wonderful capture of this special engagement. Awesome work Desiree!


I have said it before and it is so worth repeating …….. I LOVE YOUR BEACH SHOOTS! And without exception this one is just so Beautiful. I Love your work and the way you have in capturing the Love between a couple. Great, great job.

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