Laguna Beach Engagement Photographer: Sharlyn & Rick


Alright, so, here’s the story…I used to work with Sharlyn at High Desert Federal Credit Union about 7 years ago. One day this guy drove through our drive-thru teller window. That guy’s name was Rick. And Sharlyn kind of thought Rick was really (a lot) cute…and Rick thought Sharlyn was really (a lot) cute too. Every time Rick would drive through the drive-thru teller window Sharlyn would get this huge adorable smile on her face, you could totally see how he made her light up just light up.

Fast forward to now…they are engaged and planning on eloping next year…oh, and her dress is AMAZING! Like, whoa!

I had an absolute blast running around Laguna with them and I am SO excited to be a part of this chapter in their life…seeing as how I was there when it started. 😉


Rick has a thing for cigars. He loves them. He has a room in his house strictly dedicated to cigars…it’s his man cave. Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-23Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-24

Before Rick and Sharlyn were engaged, Rick would always use the cigar rings to put on Sharlyn’s finger as a cute little gesture. Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-27Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-29Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-34Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-31Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-33Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-35Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-36

This little guy was so precious. <3 <3Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-37Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-39Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-40Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-41Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-43Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-44Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-47Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-50Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-51Southern-California-Engagement-Photos-56

Laguna Beach Engagement Photographer 


Desiree, absolutely beautiful! We really enjoyed spending the day with you. Thank you for making it so fun and making us so comfortable. Love ya!


Love, love your beach shoots, and this one is just as Great!! Wonderful shot as usual.

Beautiful job on this Desiree! This is such perfect lighting!

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