June Lake Vacation-September 2013

This little vacation in June Lake was exactly what we needed. Nature, 70 degree  fall weather, beautiful scenery, an awesome ghost town, s’mores, driving aimlessly…what more could we ask for? My heart belongs in a place like this. I felt at ease, at peace. And I realized (again) just how much I would love to live in a place like this.


Well, until we meet again, June Lake…



(Caution…this is a long post!)


My sweet babies.DSC_3554-14DSC_3558-16DSC_3568-18DSC_3574-19DSC_3584-20DSC_3589-21DSC_3605-25DSC_3609-26DSC_3614-27DSC_3621-29DSC_3631-31DSC_3638-33DSC_3647-35DSC_3659-37DSC_3666-38

This little area was tucked away in a small little camp ground we stopped to have lunch at one day. I wanted to build a house right here.

Dillon decided it was time for Cinderella to go for a little swim. DSC_3757-53DSC_3763-54DSC_3777-56DSC_3821-59

Virginia Lake was GORGEOUS!! DSC_3853-60DSC_3861-61DSC_3867-62DSC_3871-63

THE most amazing man. Ever. I love him so very much. DSC_3874-64DSC_3881-66DSC_3884-67DSC_3888-68DSC_3893-70DSC_3897-71DSC_3898-72

We had such a great time in Bodie. This was the third time I had been there, but the first time since I’ve been a photographer. I saw everything in a completely different light, and I loved it. Bodie is one of the best preserved ghost towns in the United States, which takes the coolness level to like, a bazillion. DSC_3905-73DSC_3907-74DSC_3908-75DSC_3913-76DSC_3916-77DSC_3931-79DSC_3934-81DSC_3937-82DSC_3938-83DSC_3939-84DSC_3942-85DSC_3952-88


This is what walking all over Bodie will do to a 2 year old.DSC_4184-147

My dad took my mom, grandma, Jared, the kids and I to one of the spots they deer hunt at often. Again, such a peaceful and gorgeous place that I didn’t want to leave. DSC_4194-149DSC_4202-151DSC_4209-152DSC_4217-153DSC_4228-156DSC_4237-158DSC_4238-159DSC_4239-160DSC_4245-162DSC_4246-163DSC_4253-164DSC_4255-165DSC_4256-166DSC_4260-167DSC_4266-168DSC_4267-169DSC_4274-171

June Lake 2013! <3DSC_4308-172

Exploring from Desiree Shuey on Vimeo.

Exploring #2 from <a

href=”http://vimeo.com/user16572745″>Desiree Shuey on Vimeo.


Our first “real” vacation as a whole family. I love the pictures babe! You’re awesome!

these photos/ you are sooo amazing! i can FEEL you through each and every one of them. that ghost town is totally freaking me out, but those photos are amaze-balls!!! love you!!!!


I was there and I’m still amazed at the Beauty you captured with your Amazing eye. Love your gift of story telling with your photos

Cindy Webster

Beautiful pics Desiree! I so want to go there!!! Glad you all had a great time!

Are you kidding me? I am BLOWN away Desiree. You are beyond amazing, with such a beautiful perspective of life. SO happy the Lord blessed you with an amazing gift, AND passion for it to share with us!! These belong in a magazine.. I aint even playin.

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