God given talent…

Well, I haven’t been shy about professing my love for dance. It’s always great to see people doing what they love, and doing it so well. I have had a vision in my head for quite sometime about a piece I wanted to do on a handful of dancers, and yesterday I had that chance. I had the honor of spending some time with 5 ASTONISHINGLY gifted dancers. Now, you may be thinking…ok “astonishing” is a little over exaggerated Desiree…well, I am telling you, it is the perfect word. I was is awe watching these beautiful girls dance around as naturally as you and I breathe in and out. It was almost as if their movements required no thought or preparation at all. There are so many things I love about dance…

*I love the fluidity and movement of dance

*I love that it is perfectly acceptable for an older girl to wear a tutu for any other reason than Halloween

*I love the fact that you can lose yourself in what ever piece you are dancing, and nobody thinks you’re weird or crazy

*I love the distinct creaking sound that only a wooden dance floor or stage can make

*I love the sound of dance heels on a wooden dance floor

* I love the sound of tap shoes on a wooden dance floor

*I love the fact that there are springs under dance floors (I always thought that was kinda cool…I know I know, it takes very little to amuse me)

*I love the look of “broken in” ballet shoes

…well I could probably go on all day, but this post would be far too long. I want to give a HUGE HUGE thank you to my friend Katy, who is also one of most talented dancers I have EVER met. She is the one who made this piece possible. Thank you so much for helping me make this a reality. Thank you to Dance Dynamics, for the use of their awesome studio…check them out! And last but not least, thank you to Jaqilyn, Angela, Alexis, Mackenzie and Lauren, you 5 made these pictures what they are…ASTONISHING!  Here are the shots from the day. I have to say, it was SO hard to choose between all of the stunning  photos there were. So, this will be another looong post. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.


Love love love! Thank you so much for capturing these great shots!!!

Jill Moruzzi

Excellant, You captured them all so beautifuly. Thanks Katy for asking Lauren to participate. And thank you Desiree for the wonderful pictures of all the dancers. Please let me know if we could purchase some. Thanks again outstanding photos. Jill Moruzzi/Laurens Mom.

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