Danielle: Portrait

Well, where do I even begin? Danielle has been one of my most cherished friends for about 10+ years now. This girl is mucho special to me! She will be graduating from Azusa Pacific with her Masters this Saturday. Can we say AMAZING? I am so incredibly proud of her. It took a TON of hard work and dedication to get where she is now and I can’t think of anybody else who is more deserving. Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment my amazing friend. I love you so much, and you are so special to me. God bless. 


So beautiful! Love the setting, the chair, and the model. Great Job, as always!


My precious daughter, where do I begin…..First of all I LOVE this Wonderful lady soooo much. She has been a very close friend and special person to our family and I am so VERY proud of her!! Now on the pictures, I Love this location and everytime you use this place it looks different each time. You are so VERY talented at your craft and I Love every picture here. You are sooo damn AMAZING!!! You have a special way of taking a location and subject and making them a feast for the eyes. I have said it soooo many times before, BUT I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! And you know I would only tell you the truth, you blow me away!

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