Most of these shots are out of the norm for me…editing and lighting wise I mean. But I had so much fun with these ladies, and the pictures! I love experimenting with light! I love the simplicity of  the first 5 images. Nothing too crazy, nothing too over the top, just simple. Ladies, you are amazing…dancers are amazing…dancing is amazing. The end.

Love this…

Love this…


I am without words….I just can’t think of anything that can truly express my complete joy over these AMAZING photos…..You Desiree are so Gifted and I am so very proud of you. Love you…


Simply amazing


Seriously Des!! You are truly amazing! You have an incredible gift. LOVE YOU!

Wow! These are fantastic! Simplicity at it’s best!


Stunning…and the very last one…it is amazing how you were able to capture this shot..and that she was able to be in that position!!! lol

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