Southern California Engagement Photographer: Crystal and Josh

I love my clients…I love my clients….I love my clients!! It’s so great to witness a couple that is completely suited for and in love with one another. This was Crystal and Josh to a “T”. I loved hanging out with them for their engagement session and I cannot wait for their wedding next month! Yay! You two are amazing! And, uhhh, like, AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!


See for yourself….


What did I say?? GORGEOUS!

Ummm, wowza!


Crystal Ashton

You did such an amazing job! I cant thank you enough Desiree. Your work is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Such a beautiful couple!!! You did an amazing job again desiree!!! Just gorgeous!

Athena Barnette

The pictures are so beautifully done. I cant’t believe that I know them, being Crystal Anutie. They look like models. You are truly have a god given talent, Desiree.

These picturs are so breathtaking i love them all!I just cant pic just one.Thank you desireeshuey for making my daughter so- happy.!!!!:)

Melissa Ashton

Amazing! Beautiful! Gorgeous! And those are just a few words that express what an outstanding job you did! My niece and her honey are absolutely stunning!! I am speechless, as the pictures kept turning, my tears kept coming…… You managed to capture the love that they have between one another so perfect! May their marriage be a magical as their engagement. You gave them the beginning of precious moments to start off their amazing journey!!! excellent job!


These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love all the pictures. You captured the beauty and emotion that Crystal and Josh share!!!


Once again Sweetheart you totally blow me away with your Amazing way of catching the love and bond between two people…..Your talent is truly God given and it’s something that you are either Blessed with or not. You can’t be taught to be an amazing photographer you have to be born with the special eye that is able to see something Beautiful where other’s can’t. And my precious daughter you are Blessed with this gift. LOVE this shoot!!!

Dearest Desiree, you have a constant talent to make women look BEAUTIFUL. They are already beautiful, but you shine them up like some leather boots. :)

Justin Cordova

Wow phenomenal photos. I love the effects. I love your work. Words cannot express how beautiful these photos are.

Desiree Shuey

Thank you so much Justin. :)

Desiree Shuey

Thank you so very much for your sweet words Melissa. They are an amazing couple and I was so lucky to document this beautiful time in their life. :)

Desiree Shuey

Melody, thank you so much for such sweet words. :)

Desiree Shuey

Athena, you are so sweet. Thank you so much. :)

Desiree Shuey

Thank you to you and Josh for choosing me to document this beautiful and special day for you guys. Xoxo

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