Anytime: Rich & Tammy

When Tammy was 8 years old, she was in the back seat of her mom’s car and saw a guy on a Harley and a girl riding on the back. She said to herself at that moment, she was going to be that girl one day!  She wanted herself a hot biker guy and she wanted to be on the back of that bike right along with him. She couldn’t have been more right…her dream came true!

She and Rich met 15 years before they actually got together. After some difficult times in both of their lives, and after the dust had settled they actually ran into eachother again and began a friendship, which then turned into where they are now…one awesome couple! Now, almost 2 years later they are totally in love and love this here bike!:)

Here are some shots from the day. Enjoy, Rich and Tammy, you guys were an absolute pleasure to work with! Muah!


Once again Desiree….AMAZING SHOOT!!!!!


Those are really awesome, Desiree!!!


Desiree!! These pics are amazing!!! I love the “action” shots and love the pics with the couple in their chaps!! The pics should seriously be sent to Harley Davidson!! Could totally see this hot couple on the cover of a magazine! Bravo!

To Rich and Tammy: You two look great together!!

These are all amazing!!!!

tammy walker

Awww…JUST now saw all these comments about our pics! Thank you so much ladies! Haley…you are too sweet! Wow…the cover of a magazine? so VERY sweet! thank you thank you thank you! I’m tearing up over here! Desiree rocks! hah?


The pics are awesome! You guys look great and the backgrounds are all beautiful!

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