A very special proposal

These two…where do I even begin? I have known Vanessa for quite some time. We danced together in college and have been friends since then, and well, I just love her so much! So when things started getting serious with Mr. Gabe…I knew it was going to be their forever. And several years later…it is official! They are getting married!! These two are so special and honestly have one of the best, most loving, genuine and Christ centered relationships I have ever experienced. Ever. These two are so perfect for each other that it gives me butterflies just thinking about it. Vanessa has a sweet little girl from a previous relationship and Gabe, being the absolutely outstanding man he is, fell in love with Nattie and has completely treated her as if she were his very own flesh and blood, which is so admirable to me.

So, this proposal has been in the works for quite sometime…Vanessa just had NO clue it was going to happen as Gabe did a stellar job of making her think this engagement was going to be far down the road in a year or two (what a sneaky dude). Little did my sweet friend know that Gabe was setting up the proposal of her dreams. Gabe listened intently to every little speck of information Vanessa would talk about when it came to favorite spots (Pasadena bridge), things that meant most to her (i.e.: having it photographed, having her friends and family being there, right down to the type of ring she had been dreaming about for so long). Everything…literally every little detail was planned out with the utmost attention to detail. My BFF Alisha and I went down to Pasadena with Gabe a month ago to scope out the very exact spot it would happen. A few days after our scouting venture, Gabe made the purchase…but not without Alisha and I taking Vanessa to lunch with the pretense of it being a “girl’s day”. Afterward I asked the girls if they’d like to go to the jewelry store with me to pick up a ring I was having cleaned (what perfect timing! 😉 ). While there we started chatting about ring sizes and what our favorite styles were etc. Gabe wanted to make 1000000% sure that the ring size he thought she wore and the type of ring she wanted was in fact correct, hence the trip to the jeweler to get my ring “back”….and it was. 😉 Gabe’s planning for the big day was so special and he put so much love into everything. He made 100% sure that it was photographed (by yours truly and my BFF Alisha), he made sure that all of her closest friends were there, as well as sweet sweet Nattie and their family. April 10, 2015 will forever be a beautiful and so very special day.

I am finding it hard to properly articulate how over the moon I am for these two, so I am going to stop talking and let the images speak for themselves.


When Vanessa saw me, she was in disbelief and wasn’t sure what was going on…then, this happened…



Gabe bought a sweet little rose gold necklace for Nattie and when he saw her, he asked her for her mommy’s hand in marriage. (TEARS!!!)DSC_0887-27DSC_0893-28DSC_0897-29

Look at that precious face. Gah! She loves Gabe so much!DSC_0901-30DSC_0906-31DSC_0914-34DSC_0918-37DSC_0920-38

Gabe with his mom and Nattie. <3DSC_0923-39DSC_0941-42DSC_0950-43DSC_0955-45DSC_0980-49DSC_1017-54DSC_1025-1DSC_1028-57DSC_1036-58DSC_1038-59DSC_1052-62DSC_1056-63

Vanessa and Gabe, I love you both so dang much and I CANNOT wait until next year! Let the planning begin!! Xoxo!


Babe, once again you hit it out of the park! Such a Beautiful event captured by your Amazing gift of photography.

Gabriel Gallegos

I’m blown away by your talent, and honored to have our proposal shot by you. I’m forever grateful for all of your help, and your role in making this day special. Love you Des!!!


I’m crying!!!! I love it all! So beautiful. Bless your marriage and lives together. Great job.

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