A trip to Massachusetts

My dear, super amazing and awesome friend Alisha Cryderman asked me to come along to Massachusetts to second shoot a wedding with her. I told her HECK NO!! KIDDING! I actually screamed like a little girl! I had literally been counting down the months, days, hours and seconds until we left. I don’t think I could have imagined it being anymore super fantastic than it was!

Our trip had a few minor bumps…those being, we flew into Rhode Island at 11:35pm on Thursday night, had to get our bags, then had to walk to Egypt to get our rental car. After all was said and done, we got to Sturbridge, MA. (where we were staying) at 2:30am on Friday morning. We were so excited and giddy with joy when our GPS took us to some random, creepy, Michael Myers/Jason looking place out in the middle of nowhere, with “Deeply Settled” (as the street signs indicated) trees and brush. The GPS then proceeded to tell us to get out and walk the remaining 500ft to our final destination. Ummm, yeah NO! So, it was then and there we realized the GPS gal might be trying to kill us. We drove around for 45 minutes hoping that we would find the house…no such luck. After calling the home owner and after following her directions, we realized how incredibly WAY off the GPS was. It was then and there we knew the GPS gal was in fact trying to kill us. We’re now suing Google Maps for emotional stress and fear of dying. 😉 Anyway, we finally pulled up to the driveway at around 3:45am and climbed into bed around 4:30am. We were exhausted! 

After 4 1/2 hours of sleep, we rolled out of bed to find how absolutely GORGEOUS it was outside…AND it was raining! Double score! My heart was overjoyed. If you know me, you know how much I loathe summer and how obsessed I am with all things fall. I was in fall heaven. Literally. We left the house and made the 2 1/2 hour  drive to Boston. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw our BOSTON!! video. If not, let’s be Instagram friends…that way you can see our masterpiece. 😉 We had a BLAST and were SO sad to leave. We’ll be back one day.:)

Here are a few images from the trip.


This was the road right in front of our house.


These colors…really?!Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-6

The image to the right is of our driveway. Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-71Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-62

The view from our front window. Thanks Airbnb for such an amazing little house in a gorgeous location. Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-56Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-55Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-54


Alisha, being all skilled and stuff. Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-15Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-17Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-21Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-23Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-26

From where I stood. Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-22Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-28Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-25Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-29Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-30Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-32


Some of THE yummiest pizza I’ve ever had! Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-40Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-41Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-42Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-44Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-45Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-50Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-48Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-49Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-52

A cute little café in Holyoke, MA. 

Our little house. Southern-California-Wedding-Photographer_-72



AMAZING!!! So hard to put into words how much I Love this shoot…..Just so Beautiful and the colors, WOW those colors are just so vibrant. Love the whole shoot!!

Beautiful, Des! I’m so happy you got to experience REAL fall.
I hope we get to go to Boston someday!

Catherine Desmond

Love the ones on the street. Next time you go you’ll need to head to where my husbands from if you were loving the fall colors. It’s called Berkshire County, MA. I know that a lot of people from New York and Boston go there to experience the fall foliage.

Omg omg omg! Gahhhhh! Also — I must say I’m just stoked you used airbnb! My favorite way to travel.

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