A mini vacay

My husband was literally like a giddy little girl when ever he would “talk” about the surprise trip he had planned for our 6 year anniversary. All he told me was that I needed to mark off June 15,16,17 and 18. He gave me no other hints other than I would LOVE it. The plan was to keep it a secret until we got within an hour or so from where we were going…that did not happen. lol! Before heading out, we stopped at Starbucks and it just so happened that a friend of our’s was working the drive through and asked where we were headed so early in the morning, to which Jared said, “oh, we’re headed up to Carmel for the weekend”. Busted!! Hahahaha!!!! He was SO upset with himself. He had managed to keep the location of our trip secret for MONTHS, and the day we were headed up there, he spilled the beans. Poor guy. But the upside was that I now knew where we were going!:)

We stopped off in Solvang, which I ABSOLUTELY fell in LOVE with! I think I may have said a few times that I wanted to move there. Not too sure though. I had been there before when I was much younger, but at that time I wasn’t old enough to appreciate it. After that we headed to Morro Bay where we stayed. The days that followed we went to Hearst Castle in San Simeon and then to Carmel on Sunday to walk all the shops and take in all the loveliness that Carmel had to offer. In a nut shell, we had such a relaxing and wonderful time. I miss it, and would LOVE to go back with our babies. <3

I have to say that I love my man, he is everything I ever dreamed of and more. I still am not 100% how I was blessed with such a warm, honest, loving and caring man. All I can do is thank God every single day for putting Jared in my Physical Science class in college 9 years ago. Oh…and thank you so much baby for being patient with my stopping every .5 seconds to take a picture.

Thank you baby, I love you so much. <3


Disclaimer!! This is a LONG post.:)


This was just outside of Solvang. I wished SO badly that I had a model to out there by that tree. I feel in love with this.

One of the surprises. Jared rented this drop top Camaro SS for our weekend get away.

Nom nom nom!

Awe! So cute.

Hearst Castle.

This place was like, beyond amazing. William Hearst was a MAJOR collector of art and anything else that tickled his fancy. This beautiful statue was from the late 1800’s

Pieces like this traveled from all across the world, upon Mr. Hearst’s request.

After the tours, you were allowed to go anywhere on the grounds that you wanted, and you were allowed to take pictures of anything you wanted, which was lovely.

Probably one of my favorite statues. This lovely is from the 1800’s as well.

Greek inspired pool. The Hearst Castle workers are allowed to swim in the pool twice a year for an hour only.

Another favorite.

Yummy light.

These statues are around 3500 years old. I cannot wrap my mind around that.

This is the inside of one of the many many bedrooms. This room was reserved for only the most “important” of guests. The door is trimmed with gold.


The painting is of William Hearst’s mother.

These are all of the newspapers William Hearst owned.

Indoor pool.

Morro Rock in Morro Bay.

Awe. <3

Just gorgeous.

How beaaaaaaautiful!! Looks like you guys had a blast and congrats on your anniversary! LOVE the photos, makes me wanna go on a trip. :) And umm, cute hat! xoxo




It’s amazing, I have been to all of these places but looking at them through your eye’s makes it almost better than seeing them in person. You have a way of looking at something that another person can look at all day and not see the beauty that you can capture with your camera…..Love all of this shoot and Love your Amazing talent…..


Love it!! Amazing pictures!!

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