A little one on the way: Trenton

As I have said before, I absolutely LOVE doing maternity shoots. I don’t know what it is about them. It may be the luminance a mother-to-be has about her or it may be the way her face lights up when she talks about her baby. You can see the mommy glow in the images, and I just love it so much.

Diona is a friend of mine that I worked with about 2 years ago, and we have just kept in touch. When she asked me to photograph her maternity session, I was UBER excited. Actually, UBER excited is an understatement. hehe

Diona and Ryan, I can’t wait to meet Trenton, he is going to be such a handsome little man!  Thank you for letting me spend this time with you guys. I hope you enjoy your pictures. God bless.

Love this one, it’s so genuine.

I don’t know what it is about this next image, but I love it. I think it’s the way her belly looks…so perfect.

Just wanted to have some fun with this sequence.:)


Love, Love, Love this shoot!!! Love the couple, Love the location and most of all LOVE the GREAT Photographer……Desiree as usual you out did yourself….

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