A Little Blessing: Alexa

Yesterday I did a shoot down in Oceanside with one, amazingly adorable little angel. This little beauty’s name is Alexa. She was such a good baby! I was so excited that she slept pretty much the ENTIRE time. Ahhh…it was great.

Here’s a little history for ya. Tana, Alexa’s mom, was my cheer coach back in high school…many, many, many, many years ago! I will not say how long ago exactly…because, well, I just won’t. LOL These two parents are so incredibly loving to their little angel. It’s so amazing to watch parents with their little ones. It’s one of the best parts of this job…hands down. Here are some shots from the day…enjoy your memories guys.


Out of the park…..HOME RUN!!!!! What a Wonderful Shoot….OK now this shoot is my favorite!!


Amazing!! Beautiful!! Love them all!!

Tana Perkins

Desiree, these are beyond anything we could have imagined! You did the most amazing job and we love every single one of them. Between your photography, your eye for detail, and your great editing, you are going to make such a name for yourself in the world of photography! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Cody Munch

You are amazing Desiree! WOW!

Auntie Cheryl

These pictures literally brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing…I love the pics and the family in them!!

Emily Kirby

These pictures are wonderful, and very well done :) Beautiful baby Tana!

Big Perk

What a cutie-pie!!!!!!!!

These are awesome!!! You did such an amazing job on them :) I love how they turned out!

Laura Morris

They are soooo pretty :)

Donia Wayne

Tana and Brent she is beautiful. I love the pictures and am so happy for you both and the new family. These moments are so awesome!!


I’m so glad you shared these photos! She’s beautiful! I love the bedding in the crib!

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